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Ash-"Free All Angels"


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God this album is so damn good..........every song is catchy and I typically don't go for this. Just good clean rock. Sorta like a UK version of Weezer.

I can't understand why they are bigger in the U

Any Fans here?

Ash has got be one of the most underappreciated band in the history of the UK music scene. For over 10 years they have put album after album of killer music......

Too bad the never seem to make any inroads in America.......

Forum if you like good rock music.....this band is doing it. Check them out.

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They tend to just bore me. If it came on the radio, I probably wouldn't turn it off but I wouldn't go buying any of their albums either.

Yeah, a tad boring. Like one of their songs from Meltdown (I think thats what its called) is just cheesy as fuck. "Yeah!!!! Oooh!!!"

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