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Me and a mate - acoustic

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Hey, Talk Tonight was great! Really good cover :)

The electric guitar on Don't Go Away needs a lot of work though to be honest.

I was surprised to see it was Oasis songs, they aren't talked about that much on here really. Oasis is all my friends listen to. Me n my friend often cover Oasis songs, but neither of us can sing so it's always just instrumental :(

I hadn't heard Listen Up before, but it sounded pretty good ^_^ Cool stuff *thumbs up*

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Well thankyou for those kind words :)

Yeah I hated DGA from the moment we finished it, we've got a medley of Wonderwall & D'You Know What I Mean coming up soon, thats collosal :)

It was all recorded on a battered up microphone with a dodgy cable (hence the skip at the end of the first chorus on talk tonight) so yeah its gonna sound amateur.

But thankyou :)

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Shut up fool, you dont even have a willy.

Burn!!! :lol:

Wow, the two dumbest people on the board posting in the same thread. Amazing.

you're probs some fat piece of shit behind a computer insulting people over the internet because you know you'd get smashed if you did it to anyone in their face...am i right?

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