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what songs do you like to play on guitar?

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im very indecisive. can someone give me suggestions for songs that i should learn on guitar. my favourite bands are Guns n roses, metallica, led zeppilen and slayer but i listen to any kind of rock. i dont care how difficult they are. i can learn anything if i set my mind to it

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One song i always play when i pick up a guitar is Sex Type Thing by STP. I just like the feel of it on my hands when I play it, it's just comfy :unsure:

Other songs I play a lot just now are The Small Print by Muse, The Metal by Tenacious D and i always play the main riff from Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith when i'm just mucking about, I love it.

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by GNR - You could be mine, nightrain and Estranged (that one sucks though if your amp is busted or if you don't have one)

Eat the Rich by Aerosmith

Sanitarium and one other song I can't remember the name of.. it's slow and has a solo in the beginning by Metallica

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there are some really easy yet REALLY fun ones by KISS, like She, God of Thunder, detroit rock city, rip it out(ace's solo album), etc...

I love playing Kiss songs, easy to play yet extremely fun. They've got a lot of good riffs to jam to.

Other songs I'd suggest are Welcome to the Jungle, Nightrain, and Paradise City.

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