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Most Important Member In A Band

Dr. Feelgood

Most Important Member of a Band?  

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no such thing man...it's like asking what's the most importent part in a car? the wheel, the tires,the engine?

you need all of them!

exactly, thank you, what he said, bang on the money ;) bands are predicated on chemistry, each member is key to the sound. the cult of celebrity has duped people into thinking that lead singers are it cuz they're the face, the voice and they're at the front and by that somehow you imagine that its all them but its not...never will be. thats why there are bands and not just solo artists all together. bands are a group of motherfuckers that need each other to be that entity.

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Depends who the catalyst is. In every good band there has to be at least one, great bands have two which usually leads to problems down the road. In any band it could be the guitarist, the singer, the drummer, whoever takes the most prominent role within the band.

OK then, how'd you explain The Who? (why is everything about The Who for me lately?!?! :lol:)

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

Null vote. That is different from band to band, plus that I think it would be unfare to say that one is much more important then the others.

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I voted guitarist mainly because the guitarist sets the tone for the rest of the group, and lyrics are usually written to fit over a riff, not the other way around.

I also would say this is an unbiased opinion since I play guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, etc so I'm not favoring my instrument

As I´m the vocalist in our band I have MANY times heard prejudiced comments about vocalists that really annoys me. First people seem to think that the singer mainly DON`T write music. At all. For example, after gigs ppl can come and speak with me saying "well mate that sounds really good. U´re a great singer. I loved that song [insert an particular song] with that mean guitar riff. Your guitarist must a genious"

The reality is that I made that riff, the lyrics and the vocals. Then this person in general goes on "did you wrote the lyrics?"

I´m just.. "yeah..." and he "wow". :confused:

I play guitar, but isn´t as technically skilled as neither of the two guitarists in our band. Still I can manage to write things I´m not even able to play. But I don´t need that, and that´s not my job. the important thing is that my band mates understand me, and they do.

Of all the prejudiced shit I´ve heard, I´ll be biased enough to vote the singer. Maby as some sort of revenge that I think I deserve.

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the songwriter

can you imagine oasis without noel?

what about the new songs of gnr without izzy?

the who without townshend

the fact that pink floyd hasn't had a great album that doesn't include roger waters or syd barret?

having said that, the guitarist cause they USUALLY(not always) write the songs, and usually have either the most musical theory training, and can add the most into other people's songs

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Everyone in a band is equal.

IMO that is just WRONG to say.

In bands there is ALLWAYS the leadsinger or leadguitarplayer and of course songrwriter who makes a band what it is.

Would Duff be able to be as popular without Axl or Slash or Izzy?

Or John Bonham without Plant and Page?

Or John Deacon without Merucy and May?

And it goes on and on....

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