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Best Album of 2007

Raw Power

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We're a couple of days into the last month of this year, which means it's time to go through the list and nominate

the best albums released this year. I havent give this much thoughts yet, but I have a couple of albums in mind.

Justice - †


In my opinion this is probably the best album of 2007. This is the album that made rockers, punks, and everyone else

to dance. Some of the best times I've had in 2007 was with this album, like in London at The Koko Club when they played Justice

at an NME party. Justice made dance music fun again. They've made it simple, and with the sound of a rock-album. Even though

this is a record which is best at the dance floor, it's great everywhere. In your car, at your stereo at home, on your iPod.

It's just a great album.

Arctic Monkeys - Favorite Worst Nightmare


When you release your second album, and your first was the fastest selling debut album ever, you have great expectations to live up to.

I think the Arctic Monkeys did it great, and they delivered an second album which is close to the quality of their first. Brainstorm, Teddy Picker

and D Is For Dangerous is great tracks which is very characteristic for the year 2007. Even though this album contain tracks which is not top notch

these tunes makes it imo one of the best albums in 2007.

So nominate your favorite albums from this year, and please; use more than 5 seconds. Try to write something about the album(s).

Not just mention their name.

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