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Your dream setlist

Black Sabbath

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Pearl Jam:

1. Once

2. Glorified G

3. Do The Evolution

4. World Wide Suicide

5. Leash

6. Spin The Black Circle

7. Hard Sun

8. Inside Job

9. Better Man

10. Nothing As It Seems


12. Hunger Strike (Chris Cornell joins)

13. Porch

14. Severed Hand

15. Last Kiss

16. Man Of The Hour

17. Even Flow


18. Alive

19. Daughter

20. Given To Fly

21. Dirty Frank


22. Guaranteed

23. Jeremy

24. Immortality

25. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

26. Wishlist

27. Black

28. Yellow Ledbetter

Setlist for Oslo, 2008:)

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Im seeing The Black Crowes in March. They arent the band that rattle off the hits, they like to mix the setlist up and play what they want to play. But If I had a choice I would want the setlist to go something like this:

1) No Speak No Slave

2) Sting Me

3) Soul Singin'

4) Nebakanezer

5) Vitue N' Vice

6) Twice As Hard

7) Hotel Illness

8) She Talks To Angels

9) Jealous Again

10) Wiser Time

11) My Morning Song

12) Gone

13) Go Faster

14) Hard To Handle

15) Good Friday

16) Thorn In My Pride

17) By Your Side

18) Stare It Cold


19) Thick N' Thin

20) Cypress Tree

21) Sister Luck

22) Remedy


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Original Black Sabbath:

1. Black Sabbath

2. N.I.B.

3. The Wizard

4. War Pigs

5. Electric Funeral

6. Faries Wear Boots

7. Behind A Wall Of Sleep

8. The Writ

9. Snowblind

10. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

11. Hard Road

12. Sweet Leaf


13. Blue Seude Shoes

14. Embryo / Children of the Grave / Iron Man

15. Paranoid


Ozzy Osbourne:

1. Crazy Train

2. I Don't Know

3. No Bone Movies

4. Flying High Again

5. Diary of a Madman

6. Bark at the Moon

7. Center of Eternity

8. The Ultimate Sin

9. Lightning Strikes

10. Shot In The Dark

11. Miracle Man

12. Bloodbath In Paradise

13. Mr. Tinkertrain

14. I Don't Wanna Change The World

15. No More Tears

16. Perry Mason

17. I Just Want You


18. Mama I'm Commin' Home

19. Paranoid

20. Changes

^^^:wub: :wub:

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1. Motorbreath

2. Metal Militia

3. Harvester Of Sorrow

4. 4 Horsemen

5. Guitar Doodle/King Nothing

6. Disposable Heroes

7. Fight Fire With Fire

8. Ride The Lightning

9. For Whom The Bell Tolls

10. Fade To Black

11. Trapped Under Ice

12. Escape

13. Creeping Death

14. The Call Of Ktulu

15. To Live Is To Die

16. Orion

17. Master Of Puppets

18. Fuel

19. 2x4

20. The Unforgiven

21. Am I Evil? featuring Diamond Head

22. Helpless featuring Diamond Head

23. Borrowed Time featuring Diamond Head

24. Enter Sandman

25. Phantom Lord

26. Jump In The Fire

27. Whiplash

28. The House That Jack Built

29. Sad But True


30. Fucking Hostile (Dime tribute) featuring Vinnie Paul, Rex Brown and Phil Anselmo

31. Seek And Destroy


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The perfect Muse concert for me:

Take a Bow

New Born



Hyper Music

Stockholm Syndrome


Plug In Baby


Time Is Running Out



Butterflies and Hurricanes

Supermassive Black Hole

City of Delusion



Citizen Erased


Knights of Cydonia


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Iron Maiden in '08:

1. Churchill's Speech/Aces High

2. 2 Minutes To Midnight

3. Sea Of Madness

4. The Evil That Men Do

5. Wasted Years

6. Infinite Dreams

7. Powerslave

8. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

9. Caught Somewhere In Time

10. Back In The Village

11. The Lonliness Of The Long Distance Runner

12. The Clairvoyant

13. Stranger In A Strange Land

14. Deja Vu

15. Iron Maiden

16. Moonchild

17. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

18. Heaven Can Wait

19. Hallowed Be Thy Name

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Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

1) Night

2) Radio Nowhere

3) My Love Will Never Let You Down

4) Prove It All Night

5) Backstreets

6) Mary's Place

7) Adam Raised a Cain > She's The One > Reason To Believe

8) Badlands

9) 10th Avenue Freeze-Out (with band intros)

10) Out In The Streets

11) No Surrender

12) If I Should Fall Behind

13) Workin' On The Highway

14) Bobby Jean

15) Dancing In The Dark

---Encore 1


Ramrod>Born To Run>7 Nights To Rock

--Encore 2

Born In The USA

You're Missing

The Rising

--Encore 3

Thunder Road

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Back In The Saddle

Train Kept A Rollin


Drop Dead Gorgeous


Mama Kin

Janie's Got A Gun

Draw The Line

Dream On

Livin On The Edge


Devil's Got A New Disguise

Sweet Emotion

- encore -

What It Takes

Let The Music Do The Talking

Toys In The Attic

not necessarily my favorite Aerosmith songs, but I think this would make for a pretty fun show

The Rolling Stones:

Brown Sugar

Honkey Tonk Women

Start Me Up

Rocks Off

Gime Shelter

Worried About You

Shine A Light

- Keith -

Slipping Away

Not Fade Away

- Keith -

Sympathy For The Devil

- B stage -



Get Off Of My Cloud

- B stage -

Paint It Black

Wild Horses

You Can't Always Get What You Want

- encore -

Memory Motel

Tumbling Dice

- encore -


Jumpin Jack Flash

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Biffy Clyro

Saturday Superhouse

Whos Got A Match?

The Kids From Kibble

Questions And Answers

Convex Concave

Bodies In Flight

Now The Action Is On Fire!



Living Is A Problem

All The Way Down

Joy. Discovery. Invention.

Now I'm Everyone

A Whole Child Ago

Diary of Always (acoustic)

Folding Stars (acoustic)

Machines (acoustic solo)


Glitter and Trauma

Theres No Such Thing as a Jaggy Snake (w Crasp intro)

I'd put out my dream Zepp setlist, but they already played it last night.

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»Nine inch nails«

- sin

- physical

- kinda I want to

- reptile

- piggy

- suck(the pigface version though)

- the becoming

- besides you in time

- march of the pigs

- (this isn't meant to) last

- were in this together

- hurt

»Skinny puppy«

- addiction

- worlock

- deep down trama hounds

- tin omen

- natures revenge

- spanh dirge

- tormentor

- spasmolytic

- 200 years

- pro-test

- daddyuwarbash

»Shows I don't care what the playlist is but it be cool to see«

- rolling stones

- guns n' roses(original line up)

- tool/ nine inch nails

- smashing pumpkins

- ministry

- janes addiction

- red hot chili peppers

That's pretty much it...I think I forgot some :lol:

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