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Bach rules 5 heatseeker/independent charts


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I don't know if this has been posted yet, and just moved or what, but over at billboard.com there is this headline "Sebastian Bach rules 5 heatseeker/independent charts. I clicked on the link but it just takes you to different charts. I didn't bother looking up what songs, or where he was at on the charts.

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I for one will admit that I'm not a huge fan of Bach's, but I get

ticked at hearing how "bad" his new album is from people who

probally never sat down and listened to it. I will admit I picked

it up because of Axl's involvement, but yea, I listened to all the tracks

and I think this album is great. There are a few Skidrow'ish songs,

some harder tracks and some good bang your head stuff as well,

and SABACH still has the pipes in working order.I was REALLY

impressed with the track "By Your Side" It has some great vocals.

Don't listen to all the Bach haters, if you like good hard rock, than:


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