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Great White!!!


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That's funny considering I've read a couple stories over the years about the GnR guys hanging out with the guys from Great White. I don't really think that's why Axl shit-canned Niven. I always heard it was because Niven was stirring shit between Axl and some of the other bandmembers, and some business associated stuff.

By that logic, wouldn't Axl fire Dizzy for some of the people he associates with (i.e. Jizzy Pearl, and alot of other 80's so called "has beens")?

Oh, and, axlfan22, I once met Michael Lardie when he was with Great White. He was a cool guy. Gave me some guitar picks.

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Here's an old vid from 1990 of Great White playing, accompanied by Slash & Duff . I've read stories in the past (old Circus & Hit Parader magazines,etc..) about them hanging at the Rainbow and Catclub back in the day.


There was also the Eddie Trunk interview where Axl tells a story about Jack Russell snortin' blow and ripping off some dudes. Axl talks about it as if he was there:

http://www.gnrfrance.net/presse/details_in...d=16&page=6 About halfway down.

Oh, and if you lookup Guns N Roses 2/2/88 , you can find that GnR and Great White played at the Ritz that night.

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