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i need some help dewds

Alright, so I just downloaded this torrent of the 88 Ritz gig. Supposedly its an uncensored video of the whole show.

But its like 50 different files, and they wont play

does anybody know how i can get these files to play?

and do I have to watch all of the files seperatly?

also, if I can watch this, is there any way I can convert them to whatever they need to be so i can watch the mother fuckin ritz on my ipod?

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First things first, get winrar if you dont already have it, it will allow the files to self extract. the files will not play becasue they are in compressed format...

so get winrar,

then right click the first file in the list and extract it to somewhere anywhere yu want on your computer

then it should play no problem,

then go HERE and download the free converter to watch them on your ipod..

hope this helps somewhat...

if not repost


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