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Corrosion of Conformity


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Haa, New Rose is going to love this :xmasssanta:

Was just thinking that :lol:

I love COC, have seem 'em live a couple of times and they have been excellent both times. ^_^

America's Volume Dealer is poss. my favourite album although its hard to chose hehe, all gooood!

Much better live than studio imo.


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Haa, New Rose is going to love this :xmasssanta:

I got one of their albums, Deliverance, can't say I'm a big fan of theirs, it's alright but nothing mind blowing :P

Haha...just what I was thinking.

I bought 2 albums off the back of Ju-Ju biggin' them up... and they are, officially, good.

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COC were OK, not really a fan. They were a better as a hardcore punk band before they started playing that retarded "groove metal" bullshit.

You are a fucking idiot.

Right back at ya you fucktarded redneck. Groove metal has about as much groove as goosestepping does (judging by your sig, you must do that quite often, I mean you are a Pantera fan afterall) and as much talent as someone who uses nothing but a Big Muff pedal with an out of tune guitar.

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