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Use this site http://www.bandnamemaker.com/

It will never go wrong.

Crash Loaded Criminal

Official Crash Loaded And The Safe Fred

Filthy Crash Loaded And The Happy Mayo

Crash Loaded Uncle

Crash Loaded Eternity Of The Crying Guardian

Crash Loaded Of The Fat Earthquake

Crash Loaded Samantha Of The Nauseous Guy

Crash Of The Phat Onions

Sacred Crash And The Sugar Math

Crash Tsunami

Loaded Velvet

Loaded Accomplice And The Lame Partner

Sissy Loaded

Loaded Gonad

Loaded Mistress

Butt-ugly Of The Extra-strength (my personal favorite)

Loaded Bruick

Loaded Earth

Sarcastic Loaded And The Surviving Confession

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I've always thought that having strangers or outsiders of the band coming up with the band name is pretty stupid, unless there is some cool story behind it.

Forever after that person will go around saying "You know such and such, I came up with the name for their band."

*waits someone to give a great famous band name that someone stranger the band came up with*

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