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Judas Priest Nostradamus


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I can't wait for this album. It is said there is 18 songs and possibly over 80 minutes of music thus it may have to be a double CD album. Additionally, the album will feature 20 key moments in Nostradamus's life, will be orchestrated however with plenty of headbanding space and "monster metal riffs to span the Grand Canyon" as Rob says. The album will flow like a story without any actual stopping apparently. The lineup is definitive...reunited since 2003 in their famous Painkiller lineup. The tour will consist in two parts, the classics tour, on which they did a poll online to see what songs people want played the most thus possibly making it a classics, new songs and fan favourites tour including Sinner, Blood Red Skies and One Shot At Glory as well as quite a few new tunes. The second part of the tour will be the album played in its entirety in a theatrical saga, possibly live actors and with Rob changing outfits 'more than Madonna' as they said. This is going to be amazing. This lineup is just superb, they made Painkiller, the triumphant highly acclaimed reunion album Angel Of Retribution, and now Nostradamus. A truly great band and lineup.

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I'd be interested in seeing the album performed live like that for sure. About the subject matter? Well, I personally believe that Nostradamus is one of the biggest loads of bullshit in the last millenium, but that's neither here nor there. I haven't really heard much new Priest, so I don't really know if I should be excited for the album or not. But I do like their old stuff, and I'd definitely love to see them ESPECIALLY if they are co-headlining an arena tour with The Scorpions as rumored. I do have the Scorpions' new album and it's pretty damn good, I think.

Can't wait for the tour. I'd probably buy the new Priest album, if for nothing else, just to be familiar with the music and story before seeing the live production.

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Not sure SS. I'm a member of www.judaspriest.com under this same name. The band will be hitting the road in June 2008, so I'd be safe to say the album should come out around late April / early May. If a setlist for the classics part of the tour interests you here is how it is shaping up to be in my opinion and observation, and then another 6-7 new songs should make to the list as well:

The Hellion / Electric Eye

Metal Gods

Judas Rising

Breaking The Law

Diamonds And Rust

Turbo Lover

Blood Red Skies (fan favourite voted in #1)

Sinner (fan favourite voted in #2)

Battle Hymn / One Shot At Glory (fan favourite voted in #3)

Hell Bent For Leather

Living After Midnight

You've Got Another Thing Comin'

Other songs of possibility on the setlist include the popular '80s songs Devil's Child, Jawbreaker and the notorious Eat Me Alive, as well more raw progressive songs from 1974-1980 such as Saints In Hell, Steeler, Dreamer Deceiver, Dissident Agressor. It looks like this is really going to be a special tour, containing all the essentials, a load of new songs and surveyed fan favourites, and then a theatrical saga tour with new album played entirely and closed with an encore of a few classics.

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