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Live to the jungle Japan EP


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i was looking to my old vynils and i found a cool GNR one that i bought from a guy years ago. The question is: how does ti worth?

I saw different version of the EP... some have Guns N' roses written on both side, other with only one side with the Gnr and a jap logo, some with red writting and other with yellow one... wich one is the real? Are they only different version? Or bad copy?

Mine is the one with jap writting and red GNR


Ex 1:


Ex 2:


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Depends on a number of factors. First of all, both the pics in your post are real. The Japanese writing thing you see is called an obi strip. The item is more valuable if it still has the obi strip (all were issued with it). It was released on vinyl, cd and cassette. The cassette is definitely the rarest. Check it here:


For the vinyl, there are 2 versions. One has Sweet Child O' Mine listed on the back of the cover, on the record itself, and plays the track too. Another plays the track but fails to list it on the record or on the back of the cover (this one is a promo).



Promo is worth more. Especially if it comes with an apology letter from the company for failing to list the Sweet Child track. Even more rare if it comes with the ordering postcard and Japanese promo poster. As for pricing it, that's always up to the buyer.

If you could post a pic of yours that would be great. I'm trying to figure out what you mean when you say red GNR. Or are you referring to this:


If you are, that is the release of Appetite For Destruction, completely different than the Live from the Jungle EP.

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