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keep geting signed out


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yeh tried that, still nothing.

i did notice that on logging in the redirect path had checkdate=1 in the request, dunno if thats causing something?

never had this problem before. it occurs on Safari under Mac OS X 10.5.

im a web developer myself so its a bit wierd for this to happen, its as if theres on option in IPB set to force relogin lol

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Try clearing your cookies and tifs (temporary internet files), and then relog into the forum.

If you don't clear them on a regular basis, they can cause problems when viewing certain sites.

I do that after everytime I'm on the computer and I've never had a problem.

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Ok i have found the problem out :)

i was navigating to http://mygnrforum.com

it asked me to log in on the front page, but i was logged in after clicking on a topic (which redirected to www.mygnr.......)

problem is that the boards cookies are set to work only on the www. subdomain, and not on mygnrforum.com wide


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