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Black Crowes - Twice As Hard - What A Riff!!!


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yeah ok, the whole song is amazing, the first verse plugs you in and could get a comatose patient on his feet, the chorus is absolutely addictive, and the Black Crowes are one of the best bands to have ever set foot in a recording studio, BUT THE RIFF MAN!!!! The Riff is absolutely mindblowing!!! wannabe guitarists should take notes - that's how you build a hook!

I just can't stop listening to it! fucking amazing!

(I'm talking about the very beggining - it is a riff, right? I don't know that much about guitar...)

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I was gonna post a youtube link to the video, but I watched a bit out of curiosity - I hadn't seen it before - and the lead singer is SO UGLY that it completely ruins the entire experience (I'd only seen him on album covers before, never noticed his uglyness). So I thought I'd just leave the thread to those who have heard the song.

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Meh didn't really stand out to me... but I've been listening to Brian May for months straight

The Black Crowes always just seemed so damn phony to me, like they were trying desperately hard to be Aerosmith/Rolling Stones and just come off as try-hards

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