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Sea Change is good if you like the heartbreak songs.

Lost Cause is very good song. Odelay was so fresh at the time.

Mutations is probably his best album.

Mellow Gold - good if you're drinking beer, unemployed, have a shitty job.

Odelay - Is like a party record, dude.

Mutations - Do you smoke?

Midnight Vultures - Coke, Sex.

Sea Change - Just got dumped.

Guero - Not sure.

The Information - work in a office?

In Rainbows - Radiohead - is this good?

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Go see him live if you have a chance. One of the funniest shows I've seen. He had a puppet show on stage, with puppets of each band member, and you could see them perform on the big screens instead of the real band. Than one of the puppets took a camera and walked on stage filming the show, so you could see the real band on the "puppetcam". Really original.

And they filmed at the festival during the day, and played it before the encore:


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Mellow Gold is a classic. It's funny how his song (Loser) that attacked apathetic youth became an anthem for apathetic youth. Sort of like Cobain's joke song about song writing became a smash hit. Loser was a hit on MTV but the bside was called MTV makes me wanna smoke crack. I love the lyrics to Sexx Laws, both hilarious, dirty and scary - ok that was three descriptive terms.

Cant you hear those cavalry drums

Hijacking your equilibrium

Midnight hags in the mausoleum

Where the pixilated doctors moan

Carnivores in the kowloon night

Breathing freon by the candlelight

Coquettes bitch slap you so polite

Till you thank them

For the tea and sympathy

I want to defy

The logic of all sex laws

Let the handcuffs slip off your wrists

Ill let you be my chaperone

At the halfway home

Im a full grown man

But Im not afraid to cry

Neptunes lips taste like fermented wine

Perfumed blokes on the ginza line

Running buck wild like a concubine

Whos mother never held her hand

Brief encounters in mercedes benz

Wearing hepatitis contact lens

Bed and breakfast getaway weekends

With sports illustrated moms

I want to defy

The logic of all sex laws

Let the handcuffs slip off your wrists

Ill let you be my chaperone

At the halfway home

Im a full grown man

But Im not afraid to cry

You can just put this song on repeat and listen to it a million times and each time it sounds better than the time before.

Who the fuck is mick jagger?

Devil's Hair Cut


Where it's at?


Lost Cause - Oh it's so sad...

Today's Wild Card...Tone Loc


I'm out like Robert DeNiro's cousin. Hip-hop's illest joint!!!


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Beck's incredible. One of my all time fav artists. I can't say there's an album of his I don't like (although I'm not that big a fan of Sea Change). Top albums, imo would be the Information, Midnight Vultures and Mutations. Mellow Gold is also another great album. Not that big a fan of the latest Timebomb, though.

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