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Matrix Trilogy


Macbeth, the one from 1970 something was good. :unsure:

the polanski one? yeah its alright - im so sick of the story now. ive seen so many versions of it now. including a weird scouse version set on a housing estate

Mhmm. One of the best scenes in my opinion was when Banquo's ghost returned. That was pretty heavy. Also the one when he goes back to the Weird Sisters and has the trip seeing the mirros and banquos line of kings royalty or whatever.

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the simplest threads are the best.

but I think Pirates of the Caribbean is fantastic, just pure fun.

I just finished waching the third one. I thought it was great. Loved the bit with Keith Richards especially when he quitly sits down and strums on the guitar. :)

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Natural Born Killers.

Great fucking movie.

Everyone in that movie is awesome Woody as his acting peak.

I also agree. One of my all time favorite movies. I was just thinking earlier about watching it tonight.

It's been awhile since I watched it.

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I watched john carpenters the thing the other day. I love everything about that film, not just the monster/alien aspect, although i love that stuff, i really like the idea of isolation and cabin fever etc. The films just so atmospheric, watchin it alone in the dark is a great fukin experience. Its pretty fukin chilling and disturbing at times aswell.

Also watched blue velvet a few weeks ago, fukin genious film making.

Oh and i just bought one of the worst/most hillarious films ever. Has anyone ever seen the Mr T film, the toughest man in the world? He plays a guy called Bruise Brubaker lol, who is an ex vietnam vet/ex marine/illiterate chicago nightclub bouncer. I hadnt seen it in line 19 years and saw it on sale for 4 bucks the other day and thought i gotta have this. I still havent got all the way through it, its fukin so bad its good.

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