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Black Sabbath

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Well, I really don't know where to start off...let me try to by saying this...

It was PHENOMINAL! Zombie and Ozzy both gave a 100% show.

We had an awesome view of the stage too. Probably only about 25-35 feet away from the stage, if that.

We missed In This Moment because we were still up at the vendors and stuff, but it's alright, not to big of a miss. Even though, from what I heard of them, they weren't to too bad.

Zombie came out and just totally rocked the place. You could tell he wanted to be there and he loved it. When he talked his voice sounded really hoarse, but when he sang it didn't crack or anything like that at all. He did about 8-9 great songs and then when he went off stage intermission came in. Also, his wife was one of the dancers on stage. :wub:

We sat there for about 15 minutes till they put the giant screen down and started playing Ozzy's spoofs (Which were hilarious!). Then, after the spoofs, "I Don't Wanna Stop" started playing with a little longer intro and Ozz was behind the screen telling us to get ready and go crazy. Once the drums really started beating in on the song, they dropped the screen and everyone went nuts. Ozzy sounded fantastic for having the flu and for it being towards the end of the tour. He was coughing slightly off mic a little bit in the two or three songs but then he was fine. He did a slightly longer set then what he was shortening it too lately aswell. Instead of doing like seven or eight, he pushed it to about ten or eleven. I can't remember each song he played, but I know that he did an awesome job on each one. He only cracked in about 3 or 4 of the songs and it was only in the beginning of them. I was really surprised on how well he did for being sick and all. Also, he looked right at me and my dad the one time because, no one else infront of us had their arms up so I lifted mine up and yelled "Ozzy!" as loud as I could and so did my dad. We got his attention, haha. He looked right at us and I saw his face on the big screen and he was smiling. The whole band did awesome and Ozzy did the usualy introduction for them. After "Bark at the Moon" it was Zakk's solo which was fucking awesome! He did the usually, just wailing around for awhile, then he played with his teeth or toungue at one point, then he did the National Anthem. During his solo they were point women on the screen to flash their tits and every single one of them did it except for like two who didn't realise they were on there. Some girl held up and sign that said "Zakk Is My JESUS" on it and they put it on the big screen too. Oh, and Ozzy stage set up was really neat too. A whole bunch of lights and big screens to show him, the band members, and the crowd. They also had the big cross screen that they centered Ozzy on in the intro to "Mr. Crowley". They had alot of pyro and the coolest of the pyro was when they had the backround cross with "OZZY" on it and show fire up and down. And trust me, we could feel that from where we were. Haha. When Rob first used it I thought I was gonna lose my eyebrows!

I knew I was in for a good show, but I did not know it was going to be that fucking awesome! By the end of it my voice was about shot and as I'm typing this I can still hardly talk.

I got a really nice shirt at the vendors along with the Ozzy Holy Water and Bandana. And when we were comming out of the show, some uy was selling one of the other shirts I was looking for (Ozzy and Rob Tour 2007 Shirt) for $10 in my size and we bought it right away.

I had afucking blast and will definately be going to see either one of them if they come back!

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Ozzy's always sounded great live just about, but the thing is, you gotta think, the man is 59 and it's toward the end of the tour. But he sounded great. And also, about Zombie's CD, he does sound awesome, but remember, it is enhanced and stuff like that.

But we all have our opinions. In mine, Ozzy was better than Zombie Thursday night, but they both rocked the house. And if they both sound as good as they did for my show at yours, you'll have a fucking blast.

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