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Fortus rules


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I was watchin the KROQ Inland Invasion again tonight and it just assured me how awesome fortus is! His solo on Nov Rain, his work on Rocket Queen, and Madagascar were great. He should get more solos especially on a lot of the older stuff. He has a lot of that classic feel that slash has and doesnt screw it up like Fink does so much but still has his own touch on it. Fortus for Lead Guitar #1!!

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Grand ... Great ..... Great Great Great grandpa's right ^_^ rock2 - Bucket's still ahead of Fortus' playing, but as far as 3rd guitar goes... I wouldn't ditch Richard or Ron... and if... well, i'd get loose of Robin Finck182...

if... :unsure:

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Aye he's absolutely brilliant. So talented, his work on the Beautiful solo is pretty amazing, specially at KROQ

Also, if ya listen to KOHD in Rock Am Ring he's the guitar on the left side - use headphones - his playing is absolutely amazing.

My favourite 4tus solo is The Blues in Albany 2002 - his solo. Amazing. He's got so much charisma too.

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Yes, he is the #1 Guitar Player of the band, that's what I thought too when I saw the band in Europe in 2006, he is the most talented guy in the new line-up.

Not as good as bucket'

...and I still feel we need a third player - You agree??

fuck no.

i respect bucket , but i don't think he is the best.

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