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New Buckethead Albums


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I have been living off the grid since 2005. I just logged into Buckethead's ToyStore and saw about 15 new BH albums. I'm a fan of the melodic albums (Unison, Population Override, Colma, Electric Tears, Etc.) I can't buy ALL these albums (10 X $15 a pop...) So I'm wondering if there are a few albums that you recommend or are exceptional. Any thoughts are appreciated. Anything that came out in late 2005, 2006, or 2007 is fair game. Thanks!

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt
If Iceman wouldn't approve, it would prove that my statement was correct.


Yeah I agree. None.

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Out of those, I recommend Colma and Electric Tears

... those are the ones he already has...

personally? I really dig Pepper's Ghost, I'd recommend that one

Yeah Pepper's Ghost is pretty melodic. I made one of my mates listen to it yesterday and he couldn't get enough of it.

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First of all, ignore the ignorant pricks :rolleyes:

I'd recommend 'Pepper's Ghost' and 'Decoding the Tomb of Bansheebot'. Both brilliant, and full of great melodic stuff. A lot of tracks are a mixture of softer melodies and heavier riffs, which works really well.

You might also dig the Thanatopsis stuff, as you mentioned you liked Population Override, as they are similarish to that. Thanatopsis is Buckethead & Travis Dickerson, who also plays on Population Override.

Also, if you haven't got Inbred Mountain, or Elephant Man's Alarm Clock, they're both highly recommended.

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no one like giant robot? :confused:

Giant Robot is a classic Buckethead album, but it was released in 2000(originally released in Japan in 1994).... He was asking about Buckethead releases from late 2005 onwards :shades:

oh right sorry, didnt read it properly :lol:

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