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Nelly Furtado


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I read a review on the album once where I think the reviewer hit the nail on the head when he said that she sings like she's wants to sound sexy, but doesn't really think she's sexy, anyone else pick that up?

Hadn't even thought of it. Most of the songs seem to be her saying "I'm a dirty skank, come on if you think you're hard enough"

It's a nice little album to have running in the background.


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any woman with a good eyeliner,can have a "look that kill"..

yeah,she's hot,a good lick in the clit,and some anal job would be cool with her

well no...not for me...not Any woman can have a look that kill with a good eyeliner...

shes fuckin hot and sexy...shes got the looks that kill...thats my opinion

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Maneater and say it right are better.

Great move by nelly to sing in this style. Her old folkish pop didn't really work

are you for real?

She looks out of place now.

Much better when she wasnt trying to act black

She becomes one of the most recognisable artists around. Tops pop charts. Out of place? Nah.

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