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Beta Talks About CD With Classic Rock


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DATE: Jan. 22, 2008

SOURCE: Classic Rock

It's a fact!

Classic Rock recently tracked down Beta Lebeis, personal manager of Axl Rose, who confirmed to us that Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy album "was finished before Christmas".

She added: "Everybody knows that."

Lebeis said Axl is currently "in negotiations".

What could said "negotiations" include? Well, possibly the album's on-sale date. Classic Rock guesses that in order to make the most of album sales, the record company will be pushing for a release in late summer, with a view to it becoming "a big Christmas album".

Negotiations could also include more novel ways of releasing the album. In an age in which the likes of Radiohead offer their album via their website, is it enough to simply released Chinese Democracy in the traditional manner?

Stay tuned for the full, unexpurgated story behind a year in the making of Chinese Democracy in the next issue of Classic Rock, on sale on February 6!


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