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This Aint Very Clever

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Recently I just left my band because I was finding it extremley hard to get to band practices regularly.

And today, they had an audition in Wolverhampton, UK for ITV's 'live and unsigned'. They got through the audition and now have a live TV audition on March 15th.

I wish the best for them obviously, but i am fucking stupid.

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Aww, well- how were you supposed to know?

I mean, if you actually saw a future with them, I'm sure you would've stuck around,

Of course, them getting that live TV audition makes you regret it ALOT- leaving so soon, but you would've left sooner or later if you were really feeling that it wasn't working- would've been a great fucking experience but I guess all you can do now is wish them the best, and get on with your life! ^_^

Assasin's Creed- I somewhat agree with you, but sometimes lack of motivation overcomes commitment and you just don't see the use, then a shiny TV audition comes along, and you do get start seeing the point in things and that's when that extra motivation comes along. Some people get luckier than others but some people just don't see the point until they start tasting a little bit of success- or whatever success means to anyone.

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