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Problem with PM's


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Ok, so everytime I try to send a new message it shows up like a red box that says "You must enter a message more than 3 characters. Your Personal Message has not been sent." Now I typed a hell of a lot more than 3 characters just for them to be deleted.

This is pretty goddamn annoying because I've tried to send a few pretty big messages and then it's come up with that and it deletes my message that I spent ages typing!! It works when I use IE, but I like Opera and I don't wanna stop using it <_<.

Any help?

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

Sorry, didn't mean to be an ass. It's just that this is the advice all people here always gives you if you ask about something like this. But then it's usually because they don't like IE.

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I just tested the Forum's PM system using the English (USA) version of Opera Web Browser most recent version 9.25.

I could not reproduce the error. I could send PM's no problem.

Are you using the most recent version? Wich language are you using? Are you using a PC or MAC?

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Hm ok maybe it's because I'm using the new Opera Beta 9.50 then, I forgot I was using that. I'll just download the older one and everything should be fine. Thanks :).

And I didn't think you were being an ass Satanisk, I was just joking around with you.

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