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Avenged Sevenfold - 29.01.08 Review


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That night was an education in how to kick fucking ass!! Shadows sounded 1000000000000x better than he does on the albums and the band was extra tight despite a few 'technical difficulties'. Shadows was a little low in the mix for Critical Acclaim but they soon righted it and went on their merry way. Everyone was at the top of their game, Syn and Zacky didn't miss a note and the drumming was just....:wub:

The support was ok, Black Tide sounded a little like Megadeth or Metallica and even did a cover of Hit the Lights which just kicked ass. Bloodsimple were just a generic screamo band to be honest, the highlight was their singer doing a 180 degree barrel roll into the crowd.

Some decent banter between songs and they played Remenissions, Gunslinger and Brompton Cocktail which I think have only recently been added to the setlist and sounded great.

Here's the set...

Critical Acclaim



Beast And The Harlot


Seize The Day

Brompton Cocktail

Bat Country

Almost Easy



Unholy Confessions

Oh yeah and I caught Zacky's hat and Johnny's pick. B)

Seize The Day [solo]

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Sounds cool... I like a couple of their songs but when they opened for Guns they were, well quite frankly, shit :( But it sounds like they're better now :P

Yeah Shadows has really upped his game, sounds perfect live nowadays. :xmasssanta:

That's cool, it was pretty hard to hear what he was singing when they opened for Guns, the only time you could hear was during the chorus... If they come hear I might check them out if I have the money :)

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