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Music videos becoming more important and relevant nowadays.

Gallagher Rose

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In the recent years,MTV tried to kill his own baby,the videoclip.

Most of people out there,even the MTV,were thinking that Youtube would be the end of the music video era.

Well,this story is now going to a different way.Since there are videos with +1 million views on Youtube,most of the artists are making more creative and interesting videos,not only for the tv,but for the internet too.The music video is now more relevant than ever for a good promotion.

If you have a video on youtube with 500,000 views,for an example,at least some of the viewers can buy the album only because a well made or creative video.It's the example for bands like Ok Go! and Justice.

Internet didn't kill the video star,it's just putting more money on his pocket.

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I like their one treadmill song. :( (forgot what it was called)

Yes, youtube has helped with music videos greatly. Not only that, but it's also given some fans the chance to get to know their fav artists more, as some bands will put out video blogs. :heart: Youtube.

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That's good ,since MTV's soul are the music videos..not that bunch of unfunny crap like Punk'd and My Super Sweet 16 (the biggest pile of shit ever made in the television history).

I have a collection with 2000+ videos,and I can't say most of them gives life to the music.The greatest example is Sweet Lullaby from Deep Forest:


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