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Former Hendrix drummer Buddy Miles dead


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If Brett Michaels had died...this would be a 12 page thread by now.


i'm not going to lie, i love all hendrix stuff and not just the guitar, but i am ashamed to say i knew little about Buddy. it is sad and he was great. as they say "another member for the kickass band in heaven"

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i met Buddy a few times here in Ft. Worth. he used to hang at the Wreck Room alot which is a club here where my band and some of my friends used to play. it recently closed.

he was always nice to everybody. would take pictures, etc. loved to tell old stories. i wasn't surprised when i heard the news. you could tell that his health was poor.

Rest in peace, Buddy.

here's a pic of Buddy and a few of my friends.

i'm not in the pic, i was standing next to the person taking the pic.


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