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has anyone every heard of Turbonegro?


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I was at the record store today and there was this tight band being played on the sound system. I couldnt stop rocking out to it. It was punk with some shred guitar. It was the guitar that got me hooked. I asked the guy who it was and he said some band from Norway called Turbonegro. Anyone else hear of them? I def have to check them out.

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Yeah. They are great, defiantly one of Norways best band.

Ye, and that speaks volumes of about Norwegian music. ;p

I've seen them live twice and they're pretty good on stage but they don't have the music to back it up. It's seems like they write their songs backwards... First they try to come up with a cool title, then add some textbook riffs and try to put down a few cool sounding words. The result is very mediocre.

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At least they used to be good. I became a fan of them when they had a reunion in 2002.

Everything they released before Scandinavian Leather is good old deathpunk, but Party Animals

and Retox are pretty much pure shite. Rarely listens to them anymore.

They're fun if your 14, but you grow old pretty fast.

They are FAAAAR from the best Norwegian band.

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Only heard of them through Viva La Bam. Think one of their tunes is used as the theme, could be wrong


Nope, that would be King Of Rock N' Roll by Daniel Lioneye & The Rollers.

Never really listened to Turbonegro much to be honest, don't know whether it's worth trying to get into them.

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