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Hi FunkyMonk,

Thank you for your reply. I did not realize that there was a trial period before supporting the site. How many posts do you recommend making before becoming a supporter? I'll keep that in mind for future endeavors.

I appreciate your help!

Have a great day.

Woah a supporter with only one post...what a waste of their money.
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Hi BrandNewCadillac,

Thanks for your reply. Ron Jeremy :-) funny. Using female orgasm sounds in music is not exactly original, it's clearly been done before. But I just had the idea one morning and had to do it - sort of possessed by the project.

Anyhow, a filmmaker wants to put the music to video. He sent a quick demo so I could tell we were on the same page (porn would make absolutely no sense to me). I think it's quite tasteful, and look forward to seeing the piece.

Here's the sample (sorry it's in wmv format)


This is the probably the strangest thing I've ever heard. I was expecting a Ron Jeremy cameo or something.
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