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Playing video files off a computer to a TV in another room?

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I have Windows Media Center (I'm still on XP and it came installed when I bought it) and so with my Xbox 360 I can access Media Center with a wireless connection. However, Media Center only supports a couple formats, mostly just .WMV, and it doesn't have playback for .avi files, and 90% of my videos are AVI files.

Is there another software - or just some kind of general hookup - I can get going to play typical video files from my upstairs computer to the TV downstairs? Again, it would have to be wireless; I know if they were in the same room I could get a wired connection going, but that's not going to happen.

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Just look on eBay for a wireless video transmitter. I spent like 25 bucks after shipping and it's just composite video and audio and it runs off of 2.4 ghz. Only problem is that they can pick up interference and crackle a bit. But I'm happy with mine. You'll need a video out on your video card, from what I've seen the vga wireless stuff looks like ass. My video card also has cloning for dual output, you might need to check what kind of video card you have.

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