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Bon Jovi lead the top 20 concert tours in North America


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Then 99% of the music bands must be shit then. You people are saying that a bands which sell millions without following the actual trend is shit, then everything is shit.

Only because you don't like a band, it doesn't mean it's shit. I don't like U2, but they survived every trend with success (like Bon Jovi), so they must be good.

highvoltage: 40 years old women only care for Bon Jovi? Then how can you explain I'm a 20 years old Bon Jovi fan who go to their concerts and buy their albums? How can you explain all these sell-out concerts? How can you explain me PERFECTLY how Bon Jovi got #11 on the list for top grossing tours of 2007 with only 22 shows?


I might not agree with everything you say, but I will give you credit for knowing what you are talking about.

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