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Oasis,Foo Fighters to headline Virgin Festival


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i'd rather go to Sweden Rock

You also have Limp Bizkit as a signature (and avatar?).

I definitely wouldn't mind seeing Foo Figthers, but I don't know if Oasis is headliner worthy. They seem like a lot of hype.

Wow this is discovery of the century,i would have never noticed it because of you.

But heck Sweden Rock has some bands besides the main headlines aswell,this festival has pretty much nothing

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The Foo Fighters don't even deserve to be on the same stage as Oasis. Oasis's worst album is still better than anything The Foo Fightser's could hope to do. The Foo Fighters write generic shit while Oasis write classics. http://youtube.com/watch?v=SUgj11ZOtxE&feature=related

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