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'There will be a Velvet Revolver after this tour' - Slash


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DATE: Friday March 28, 2008

TITLE: 'There will be a Velvet Revolver after this tour,' Slash confirms


Classic Rock's Jerry Ewing recently spoke to guitarist Slash - and you can read the full interview in a big warts-and-all Velvet Revolver exclusive, to be published in the issue of Classic Rock that goes on sale on April 30.

However, we couldn't resist teasing you with the following nuggets:

Slash: I was talking with Robert Plant the other night and he was casually naming certain Zeppelin songs and then in the same breath who it was ripped off from.

Ewing: Did Guns N’Roses ever get taken to court for allegedly ripping anyone off?

Slash: No. One of the things about myself and the other members of Guns N’ Roses, with the exception of maybe Izzy [stradlin'], cos he was maybe a bit more freeform, was that we were huge sticklers for anything that sounded like anything else. Straight off the bat if you played a few chords and it really reminded you of something else we scrapped it. It’s very different with Velvet Revolver. Even though myself and Duff are the same way, and Matt, Scott will rip something. We’ll be like ‘No, we can’t do that’ and he’ll be like ‘Oh, go on, let’s do it’ and we’ll do it.

Ewing: Going back to Velvet Revolver, there’s been a lot said on the Internet between Scott and Matt. What’s the current state of play?

Slash: We’ve got six shows, ha-ha.

Ewing: How do you deal with that stuff flying around?

Slash: I have no comment. Obviously I’m very aware of everything that’s going on. The only thing I can add to that is in contrast to what Scott says there will be a Velvet Revolver after this tour.

Ewing: With Scott singing?

Slash: I have no comment on that [chuckles].

Stay tuned for further Velvet Revolver shenanigans.

SOURCE: Classic Rock

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