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Anyone heard of Magnum?

Demon Wolf

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They were formed way back in 1972 and they're still going strong! Their music, written by their brilliant guitarist Tony Clarkin is the most heartfelt, moving and melody-packed rock ever, in my opinion. Sure some of their stuff is typically 80's, but it's damn good and the lyrics are genius. So if you haven't heard them yet, let me introduce you to them by providing some links to a few live performances.

What's notable is that the singer Bob Catley, at 60 years of age still hasn't lost his voice!

Kingdom Of Madness (2005)-

Great guitaring in this song.

Vigilante (1988)-

The guitar-riff is fantastic.

Soldier Of The Line (2005)-

One of my favourite live performances of any band, EVER.

Don't Wake The Lion (1988) -

It's an epic masterpiece. It's one of those amazing songs that should be ranked with Bohemian Rhapsody, Stairway and November Rain.

One Sacred Hour (2005)-

An amazing keyboard intro followed by an amazing guitar solo kicks into a track with great lyrics.


So I hope those of you who haven't heard them enjoyed the songs. Perhaps they're not heavy enough or you just don't like them, but you never know til you've heard for yourself right?

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