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Favorite Drum Moments in a Song


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What are some of your favorite drum parts from any song, any drummer.

Don't list a bunch of drummers that you may love, just some songs that you really get into certain drum sections, etc.

1) Achilles Last Stand

2) No Excuses - AIC

3) Heard it through the Grapevine - CCR ( if you've never heard this, it's a pretty sick beat throughout the entire song - check it out)

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Also pretty much any VR song live, Sorum just pounds the shit out of his kit.

Stone Temple Pilots - Sex Type Thing

Smashing Pumpkins - Tarantula, Cherub Rock

Stereophonics - Bank Holiday Monday, The Bartender and the Thief

HIM - Soul On Fire

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I love the 3/4 beat in Manic Depression.

The little drum solo by Keith Moon in "Won't Get Fooled Again"

Intro to "Hot For Teacher" by Alex Van Halen.

Rocket Queen by Steven Adler and NOT by Matt Sorum (check Ritz 1988)

Mr. Brownstone by Adler

Paradise City intro by Adler

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The drum roll in 'seven and seven is' by Love

All of its so easy, nightrain and mr brownstone

Dazed and confused - the bit where it all kicks back in

Lets spend the night together by The Stones - the part where mick sings Im goin red and my tongues gettin tied

The outro to i am the resurection

Intro to the queen is dead

cant think of any more.

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