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Since the ball is rolling in some form

GNR 1991

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Why do people want new tunes played live when we haven't even heard them in the studio yet? I'm tired of hearing songs live, that I have never heard before.

It should be pretty much the same set list as it has been, but with all the leaks added, and songs like You Could Be Mine cut out until the album drops.

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1. Welcome To The Jungle

2. It's So Easy

3. IRS

4. Live And Let Die*

5. Better

6. Think About You*

7. Nice Boys

8. Don't Cry

---Acoustic B-stage set---

9. Patience

10. Knockin' On Heaven's Door

11. You Ain't The First

12. Used To Love Her

13. Rotating cover song

14. One In A Million


15. Oh My God

16. Rhiad And The Bedouins*

17. Down On The Farm*

18. Rocket Queen

19. It's Alright

20. November Rain

21. Sweet Child O' Mine

22. Move To The City

23. Yesterdays*

24. Nightrain


25. Chinese Democracy

26. The Blues

27. Estranged

28. Paradise City

*Rotating songs:

14 Years

Out Ta Get Me

My Michelle

You Could Be Mine


Perfect Crime

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They are never playing civil war. axl would never sing it witout slash playing it! get over it

I watched gnr at greece during 2006. the crowd was singing "civil war" when axl asked them which they wanted to play. someone in the band asks axl "which song did they say" and axl responds "they asked for cpr!"

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