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I'd have to give AC/DC the nod, as well. Kiss have their played out anthems that are still fun to listen to today, but AC/DC has had a much better track record, and have put out great albums. I prefer Bon Scott to Brian Johnson, but what that band managed to do on Back in Black after bringing in a brand new singer, will always be something that is looked on in admiration by rock fans for generations to come.

Plus, Phil Rudd > Peter Chriss


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I prefer Bon Scott to Brian Johnson

Not me, buddy. I much more prefer Brian to Bon. Tons more!

And by the way, this is a no contest. AC/DC all the way!

Oh yeah? Well, that's cool. I still think that Bon was the man, but Brian did do a great job of stepping in his shoes, and allowing the band to continue without missing a beat.

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but I always liked

Tonight I wanna see it in your eyes...feel the magic.

There's something that drives me wild

And tonight we're gonna make it all come true

'Cause girl, you were made for me, and girl I was made for you...

-I was made for loving you--kiss

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Well , to me AC/DC is much more rock n roll especially now , They don't merchandise themselves over everything and don't need a bunch of reunion tours , that ain't the point though the songs are just better and the albums as well plus they keep on going and sound good today as they used to without being "overbown" , Kiss has a few tunes I like but I've never really gotten their whole deal .

Peace GnR Nation B)

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