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for all you Scott Weiland fans here


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I try to forget Scott collaborated with that ass hat.

But one only needs to look at Scotts work to know that he's an artist and Durst is a phony ass raping white boy.

Scott's already stood the test of time.

wow,I actually like Scott's voice,but this is just funny,not because FD was an serious artist(which he most certainly wasn't,thank god),but that you seem to think that Scott is closer to Eddie Vedder,not Scott Stapp. :rofl-lol:

Amazing what advantages being the singer to VR can give.

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Sorry for being so anti-Durst and coming off like an ass, but that video just stirred up some bad feelings. I'll admit I was pretty reactionary.

To be honest I think Scott is an artist and has done some real memorable work. I wouldn't quite call his stuff in VR his shining moments, I secretly longed for him to go back to STP. As a whole STP have been a mainstay in my music diet since my high school days, so I'm rather fond of Scotty boy. I think he's better then Eddie Vedder, just very diverse and hard to pigenohold to any one style.

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