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I Hate Don't Cry

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I was just singing Lovefool out loud before I clicked on this topic :shocked:

ISN'T IT THE GREATEST SONG EVER WRITTEN! It's better than come in my hair.

Dear I fear we're facing a problem

You love me no longer, I know

And lately there is nothing that I can do

To make you stay

Mama tells me I shouldn't bother

That I ought to stick to another man

A man who surely deserves me!

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Ok kiddies, here's a quick don't cry lesson for you....

the intro/verse to the song is actually very simple to the touring pro, what it is, is just arpegiations of open chord figures by izzy stradlin

meaning, you hit the G(fret 3) then arpegiate A minor, D minor, G, then it's a strange C arpegiation

like this, you play the A minor(X02210), D Minor(XX0231), G(23033) and then this weird C suspension(X300xx)(X200XX)

(try strumming those chords while singing it)

Apregiation, means you just pick the notes of the chord individually

from here, you listen closely or watch the tab for when you hit what

the solo is basically the A minor pentatonic Scale, in slash style, so it involves lots of sliding and a lottle bit of adaptive positioning

I'm assuming by the hook, you mean the chorus, so all thats left is the bridge, which is just more arpegiation

arpegiation is strange and frustrating to the beginner, but don't give up!!! it becomes very useful after a few weeks of using it, and works best when accompanying a singer.

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