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Alleged Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape Surfaces


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Source: msn.com

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Vivid Entertainment is releasing a sex tape allegedly starring Jimi Hendrix.

The Los Angeles-based adult entertainment company said they obtained the footage of the music legend shot in a hotel room about 40 years ago from a memorabilia collector.

The footage features Hendrix engaging in various sexual acts with two women, according to a statement released by Vivid. The company said they consulted with several experts to authenticate the footage.

Hendrix died of a drug overdose in 1970. Seattle-based representatives for Hendrix's estate did not want to comment about the tape.

I honestly didn't know that people made sex tapes that long ago. haha. I had always heard that Jimi was quite the ladies man so I'm not really surprised by this.

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yeah i heard bout this and yeah they made this stuff back then man. most of it probably perished over time. i mean come on, its 1969, your the best guitarist the world has ever seen, you in London or wherever with everythin in your pocket and you spy a hi-8 video recorder, your going to go for it!

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hm, on perez hilton (sh) it says this,

In a statement the estate says, "We view the release as nothing more than a callous attempt to trade on the image and reputation of a deceased artist who is unable to defend himself against such an outrageous and baseless assertion."

The peeps at Vivid say they consulted with several experts to authenticate the footage and stand by their claim that it's the real deal. The head of Vivid has said the comments from Hendrix's people were "not in any way a refutation of the authenticity."

just thought I'd mention it :P

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If the Paris Hilton tape was crappy and difficult to view, I can only imagine what this mess will look like

Haha man, I hear you.

I'm a little unsettled about Purple Haze being denigrated to Green Tint personally.

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