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Motley Crue on WWF Monday Night Raw


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I just watched the video of motley crue on wwf raw back in 98 again.


i remember watching it back when it first aired but didnt no who motley was since i was too young but I always kept it in my mind that a band played on raw since it was A. unique and B. thats how they brought in Test. watching it again is pretty cool. nice to see mick not so old. at the end Jim Ross explains the greatest hits album is coming out so i said 'oh so THATS why they were on Raw'

if anyone wants the complete show let me know as I have it on dvd (along with the rest of the year..among a billion other tapes)

edit: oops i meant to put this in my world so if someone could move it then would be awesome

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I remember this. Mostly because this is how they brought Test in. So does this mean that I can blame Motley Crue for the attrocity of a wrestler named Test? haha. The only time that I even semi-like Test during his career was when he won the European title (I think from Regal). After that he went to straight crap in my book.

I had heard of Motley Crue when they performed but didn't know any of their music. I didn't really start listening to them until 7 or 8 years later. At least thats how long it took me to actually buy the Greatest Hits album that they were promoting here.

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