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Disraeli Gears - Cream


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I just heard this the whole way through yesterday...and 5 or 6 times since. WOW. its really really REALLY cool :):) i've heard that song, Sunshine Of Your Love before (in Goodfellas) but other than that the whole album was kinda new to me. it was really something. now i understand why Adnan used to go on so much about Eric Clapton, WOW, this album is REALLY something. i cant go on about what...like i usually do about lots of other albums because i dont...understand it or know anything about it outside of it just being candy to my ears. its REALLY fucking cool and catchy and...its one of the most together albums i've ever heard...i expected this sprawling psychedelic mess and this REALLY blew me away :):)

The Lead Singers voice is really fucking cool, kinda...faux-Blues delivery and at other times its like REALLY disembodied, i dug it SOO much :) the whole album is brilliant, end to end, i remembered the songs as in each one was special each one had enough in it to really stick just on first listen.

WOW is all i can think to say.

Any fans? :)

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I bought the album a few years back and never really got into it, except for a few tracks. I'll probably give it another chance some day, seeing as how my tastes have evolved over the years. Strange Brew is a great song, though.

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