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Baz on celebrity rehab 2??


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nevermind, this interview says he turned it down....at least baz has some dignity


Plenty of mileage was gotten out of that MuchMusic interview, of course, falling in line with Bach’s transition from stage musicals — he later starred in a touring production of Jesus Christ Superstar — to video verité for VH1 and MTV: making-the-metal-band series SuperGroup, a special called I Married… Sebastian Bach and Celebrity Rap Superstar. There was also a recurring role on Gilmore Girls — the source of that well-circulated clip of him performing “Hollaback Girl." But, although he’s been weaning himself off substances in line with his recent 40th birthday, Bach turned down a chance to appear on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.

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Baz made a wise decision (:blink:)

The original Celeb Rehab was so tragic it wasn't even funny. Not their addictions, but how selfish and cry babies all of these, once stars, were. They don't need rehab, they need a padded room and lifetime supply of lithium.

If Baz would've done it, any shred of a slight career he still had left would be dead and gone... and that includes opening shows.

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