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Morrissey without Marr

pain cake

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I downloaded his greatest hits a few weeks ago, and it is nothing compared to Smiths stuff. First of all it just doesn't have that driving instrumental edge that was when mixed with Morrissey's voice and lyrics that made it one of the greatest fusions in music history. And it's apparent that song ideas stopped coming naturally and he started forcing them, like in the old days in the Smiths, Marr and Morrissey would write together some of the most bighting, mordant pros and hooks in musical history. Some lines and songs they wrote were just so terribly poignant it's understandable how The Smiths have such a huge impact on people. But where as solo he wrote songs that just seemed contrived and trying to be like himself; "The Youngest was the most Loved", "I just want to see the boy happy" etc. There are some alright tracks, some kind of touch home like "Suedehead" but not like Smith's albums where every track was epic and I find it worrying that the most stand out track, Redondo Beach, is a Patti Smith number.

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Marr was the appeal for me really. not a diss on Morrissey but that...razor sharp jangley guitar sound is the Smiths signature for me, their real stamp. Morrissey doesnt extend a lot further than that lilting vocal quality as a frontman.

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His solo career started off promising, but he wasn't able to maintain the same level through the 90's. I actually dig a lot of his solo stuff, though. I think You Are the Quarry is exceptional.

Marr's work in The Smiths was brilliant, but I'm still trying to figure out what the hell happened to the guy. He's bouncing around, playing with everyone in sight, but I've yet to come across anything that half resembles his past songwriting talent.

I do hope The Smiths can reunite and cut another album soon, but it doesn't seem likely since Morrissey has already spit on the graves of Rourke and Joyce for their royalty lawsuit. It could happen without them, but it wouldn't be as special.

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I liked Glamorous Glue. When he has that glam band backing he was great.

You Hate It When Your Friends Become Successful. :rofl-lol:

I think I prefer his solo stuff to The Smiths. I don't hate them or anything I just never quite understood them. I like How Soon Is Now? Being a GNR fan somethings are unavoidable.

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