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Red Hot Chili Peppers Take A Break


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They should break up and let Frusciante do more of his own stuff, he's the only one left in that band with something to offer.

RHCP have gone stale.

I thought Californication was really good?

It is. Stadium Arcadium on the other hand...

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Frusciante's solo disc is quite good. "To Record Only Water for Ten Days" - I was surprised by it. His sound on the Peppers' albums can get a bit repetitive though.

The rest of his solo albums are pretty great too. I don't really like his more Lo-Fi heroin addeled stuff (although I will mention that they can be considered, perhaps not "great", but very "valid" in their own right) but his later albums (like Shadows Collide With People) are real accessible, and quite good.

He's easily the most talented of the group, a true artist I'd say.

Ron is GN'R now is sorta the same situation as Frusciante always was. Great guitarists, but with a back catalouge of this wierd and wonderful music that's so different from their main bands.

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I'm not surprised at this announcement really.

The rapport between certain band members during the SA tour and festival appearances, seemed at times quite strainned.

Any interviews I read or watched the tensions between certain members were apparent.

I'm actually quite happy to hear they have spilt for the time being. John's solo projects interest me more than his work of late with RHCP.

This time off will be good and hopefully quite prosperous for John. Hopefully he will release more material on the lines of Shadows.

Time away from the band will also give him plenty of opportunity to follow up on previous collaborations with Omar, Cedric, Josh Klinghoffer and even his other side project Ataxia.

I have all of John's solo work and it just gets better with every listen. This guy is very under-rated in his own right.

I mush prefer Johns' solo work to that of RHCP, although Mothers Milk is an excellent album.

Maybe fatherhood will make Anthony grow up a little and stop being such an ass. He comes across so false.

Best of luck to the other two. Flea is probably one of the best bass players out there, I love his funky jam sessions with John and Omar.

Time apart for these guys usually works in their favour. No doubt another Greatest Hits will be released for Christmas and then they will meet up in some beach house, jam and get back into the studio. I wouldn't be surprised if they have a new album out by the end of 2009/2010.

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i think they write GREAT lyrics, very Iggy-ish. Kinda like Iggy-Lite. and they have such a groove. cant fault em really. one of few mainstream current actually-going-today bands that i like :)

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