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Hayseed Dixie


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I had a friend tip me off to these guys last night.

Kinda cool..I'd go see them in a bar,probably a fun gig!

this is the best one IMO..it's pretty damn cool!

(ffrank...you gotta see this one!)

Walk This Way

(I really like this one!)

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I've seen these guys twice! They are awesome to go see live. I seen them once at Download '07 and again just a couple months ago in my town.

Seriously, if you want a good night out and these guys are coming to town, go! They are just so much fun to watch and they do just as much comedy on stage as they do music! And it's amazing hearing those classic rock songs you know so well being played on banjo's and mandalins. :lol:

After their set, they usually come join you at the bar, give autographs etc. and just have a laugh. They're great. ^_^

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One Winter night, I came back from the pub completely out my tree. I poured myself a Jack n Coke and made myself a sandwich. I turned on MTV2 and 120 Minutes was on and they usually play lesser known or underground artists. Hayseed Dixie playing Walk This Way came on with the worst low-budget video I've ever seen. I lay there on the couch in complete confusion over what the fuck was going on.

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