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John Frusciante's solo stuff.


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Inspired by that latest thread on the Chili's taking a break I started listening to his solo stuff again, and by god it's fantastic. He is just a really talented guy, and his music he makes aside from the RHCP's is so different to anything they've ever made, and IMO, a damn whole lot of it is better (and I love the RHCP's). He's just um, I don't want to sound like a snob, he just makes better music, artistically speaking.

He's got some weird stuff on his first two albums that isn't for everybody (not really for me I must admit), but he was pretty heavy into his addictions then and admitted he only made them for drug money, but they certainly are interesting.

Anyway, here's a song off "To Record Only Water For Ten Days": Going Inside - John Frusciante. It might not be his best song, but it's still good.

Albumwise I recommend anyone that's starting off to get either (or both would be nice :tongue2:) To Record Only Water For Ten Days and/or Shadows Collide With People. I can't tell you which one is better because they are both so different, personally I prefer Only Water, but that's just me, they're both great.

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John "Motherf*****" Anthony Frusciante is the Man!

Hell Yeah! B)

I discovered his solo stuff years back and thankfully it was when he was releasing 6 albums in 6 months. I had a vast collection to choose from.

Actually Smiles From The Street is the most expensive cd I own but unfortunately my copy doesn't include Ants. It is also one of the albums I find painful to listen to.

His progression in styles and also his own guitar playing is so apparent throughout all the albums.

This guy is just so talented and humble.

His studios album you can't fault they are so techinally perfect but it's the more intimate ones like The Will To Death and even To Record Water that were recorded on analogue that impress me.

The warmth on those albums and the vibe is just so amazing. It's like he's there in the room, right down to you hearing him turn the pages over.

Stripped down to basics and this guy can play.

You can hear all his influences from Hendrix to Captain Beefheart, Joy Divison, Robert Fripp. Even his playing styles and his love of jazz style chords.

The guy is just a genius!

What I found really cool about him is, he doesn't take his skill for granted he still works hard at his playing. Taking lessons and studying.

I'm just look forward to a new chapter in his solo career now the chilis are on a break.

Bring It On!

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Finally, somone with taste.

I think he has a really cool/great attitude to him playing guitar, I mean he's obviously fantastically skilled but he doesn't show it off, he's so soulful and like you said, modest.

Definitely agree about the warmth on his albums. He may not be the best singer in the world, but I don't think he cares, it's just passion coming through, you can tell he really feels it.

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i don't know where to begin about JF... I'm just happy he's still around to make music for us to listen to. he's an amazing AMAZING musician, and just seems like a good person in general.

I'm a huge fan...

unfortunately, i haven't heard all of his solo stuff... what i have heard though is very refreshing.

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