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Anyone know any good film editing programs?


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Basically I want to be able to cut and paste frames, add sounds, images, text and other movie clips, also want to be able to edit full movies from dvds. Something simple enough to use though and of course, free (by any means).

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Guest Jack_the_ripper

why not just use windows movie maker that comes with your copy of windows xp? if that's not enough, here's a few suggestions:

free? well, Avid has a free DV software. found here

Personally, I really love Adobe Premiere, Avid Express and final cut pro

It all depends what I'm using to edit, If I'm using a mac, I'm going to work with Final Cut Pro, if I'm on a pc, I'm going to be using avid or adobe (although I'd say Adobe is the easier of the 2 to use.)

For the record, you may want to read a couple of tutorials on how to use this stuff, since it's not super easy.

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