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End of the Century


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Pretty good documentary about the Ramones. Its on Showtime this month, seen it 3 times. Learned a lot about these guys.

Always dug the music, but didn't know the behind the scenes stuff. Its a shame they are all gone now, except for the different


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Guest knerken

They showed it on swedish TV a long time ago. I watched it with my mom. She does not even know who Ramones are, but she loved the movie. She also started crying when they told the story about 55rd & 3rd.

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REALLY decent documentry. people scoff sometimes cuz these documentries and like...a crash course for kids who wanna like..y'know, get the Ramones 101 and i've seen a lot of people or read a lot of people being pretty disgruntled cuz they see it somehow as a cheat y'know...to get into a band through a documentry which i dont understand at all. i think the rolling stones really suffer as a lack of a decent bio, movie bio, like the beatles the anthology (which i'd cream myself to see a stones version of) the pistols have the filth and the fury the ramones have this and the who have amazing journey (which i've been watching obssessively now for months). its REALLY good.

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