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DVI adapter

coolio GNR

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Here's the deal....I have a computer that has a dvi plug and a tv that has a dvi plug. I am already going to buy a hdmi cable. The problem is I was looking at the DVI plug on my computer and the picture of the adapters on the internet and I realized something. The one on my computer like a cross thing with four dots around it but some of the adapters don't hae that they have just that one "-"

I am confused. Will someone please explain this to me.

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The one with the cross and 4 holes is for DVI-I (Integrated). The one with just the "-" is for DVI-D (Digital). DVI-I is integrated, meaning it supports both analog and digital signals. A male DVI-D connector will fit into a female DVI-I port. So if your TV has only a DVI-D port, you'd be better off getting the DVI-D cable (the one with the "-").

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